Clean your MacBook’s Memory and get initial performance back [Premium Links]

Berkin Tatlısu
1 min readAug 18, 2021


— Fix for Youtube 4K lags on after latest Big Sur Update/Monterey Beta.

Booting into mac is easy but after some time playing around with some apps and tools; residual memory floats around, it clogges the mac’s arteries like fat, fills up whole system and then it becomes nearly impossible to play a 4K Video on youtube or any other basic work when someapps running at the background. Also Apps spawning at boot in background and not using them for some time hits the mac’s performance down dramatically.

Huge performance boost on non-m1 macbooks.(2017 and before)

I, personally have tested on several non-m1 macbooks which of those have intel chipset i5,i7 has a nice performance gain after cleaning, especially if you have upgraded your mac to BigSur or more recent OS like Monterey Beta.

A Simple app that resolves these issues real quick:

Cleaning unused ram process with a single click:

testing macsweeper on a bloated mac.

Before ram usage by apps:

4.4gb available.

After run:

9.2gb available.

It’s Free to try for 7 days, Pro version is $9.99 per month subscription.

App Source: