React-Native Error Reporting with Artificial Intelligence!

Get Instant Crash Reports for your Mobile Apps

How to integrate Jefferson into your React-Native App?

  1. Create your account on and get your API key
  2. npm install jefferson
  3. add you apikey into your android project manifest
<meta-tag android:name="JEFFERSON_API_KEY" android:value="your_api_key"/>
import pro.jefferson.react.JeffersonSDKPackage;...public class MainApplication extends Application implements ReactApplication { JeffersonSDKPackage(),
implementation project(':jefferson')
include ':jefferson'project(':jefferson').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/jefferson/android')
import JF, { JF_setJSErrorCatcher } from "jefferson";JF.start();// (one time only. in your app.js root is recommended/outside the class)JF_setJSErrorCatcher();JF.saveGeovisionUserForCrashLog("dummyuser");//you can place it in your methodsJF.sendEvent("string"); //you can place it in your methods



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